Origins of the concept

Born in 2018 from the imagination of two French designers, the Mademoiselle Martin concept originates from a setting worthy of a tale of "Arabian Nights". This setting, acquired at random from an auction in Barcelona, turned out to be a box set by the designer E. LOEWE dating from late 19th century containing feathers and other ornamental accessories all more beautiful than the others..

Amazed by their level of preservation and the quality of the materials used, we wondered how we could give new life to these exceptional pieces From this reflection, we imagined this concept, registered and protected, which allows to use different removable ornamental accessories with various clothes of our collection while preserving them in time!

Past the wonder of the original idea, the concept has revealed to us all its potential, with multiple qualities, far beyond a simple fashion accessory. Beyond the practical aspect in its daily use, the Mademoiselle Martin concept places personalization at the heart of its seduction process. We are not talking about simple customization, the concept has rethought the purchase experience, which itself becomes an imperative to live, to collect for customers, who no longer want to be treated anonymously.

Today, faced with the assumed globalization of luxury, the Mademoiselle Martin concept perfectly meets the new expectations of customers who aspire to the new and unique. To buy a product from the Maison Mademoiselle Martin, is to offer above all quality, durability, infinity, timeless...


History of the Brand

Connect with our clients by strengthening authenticity. How? By giving our French high-end women's ready-to-wear brand the name of one of our first fashion designers. Or rather, the nickname that was given to Miss Rose Bertin who was "Minister of Fashions" of Queen Marie Antoinette!

Especially since the Brand draws its inspiration from the chic, refined and extravagant style of the 18th century: The Rococo.

If fast fashion suggests that everyone looks alike, Miss Martin promises to distinguish you. Buying luxury is no longer buying a piece, it is adhering to a complete experience where Mademoiselle Martin puts you at the centre of its concerns!

Grasping the urgent need for information from a new generation of customers who demand transparency from brands, Mademoiselle Martin has chosen to build her image on a handcrafted aspect, handmade, high quality materials, the dexterity of its seamstresses. Combining ancestral know-how, innovations, cutting-edge approaches and sustainable development.

The Mademoiselle Martin pieces are characterized by textures, colours and elements that are naturally organized to create your own style and make you unique.



  • Je suis ravie de mon nouveau t-shirt Mademoiselle Martin! C’est multi usages. Je peux l’avoir pendant la journée uniquement avec le ruban personnalisé avec la marque (qui fait déjà une pièce spéciale) ou dans un événement avec mon accessoire préféré. J'ai hâte d'en voir plus !! J’adore