Origins of the concept

Started in 2018 from the imagination of French designer Iriana, the Mademoiselle Martin concept was born after a chance visit to a vintage auction in Barcelona. The designer came across a box set by Loewe dating back to the 19th century containing feathers and ornamental accessories, each more beautiful than the last.

Amazed by their level of preservation and the quality of the materials used, Iriana wondered how she could give new life to these exceptional pieces. From this reflection, she imagined the concept of garments that were designed with modular accessories, allowing the wearer to transform a piece with each wear.

Past the wonder of the original idea, the concept has revealed to us at Mademoiselle Martin all its potential. With numerous combinations and outfit possibilities, the modular model is far beyond a simple fashion accessory. Beyond the practical aspect in its daily use, the Mademoiselle Martin concept places personalization at the heart of its process.

Today, faced with the assumed globalization of luxury, the Mademoiselle Martin concept perfectly meets the new expectations of customers who aspire to the novel and unique. To buy a product from Maison Mademoiselle Martin, is to offer above all quality, durability and infinity.


History of the Brand

For centuries fashion and haute couture existed outside the sphere of popular culture, and it wasn’t until our namesake, Mademoiselle Martin, helped shape and status and popularity of fashion forever. A french girl born in 1747, Rose Bertin came from the lower class and would move to Paris when she was 16 to apprentice as a dressmaker. With a natural talent as a designer and seamstress for the aristocracy, Bertin was soon introduced to none other than Queen Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinette adored Bertin’s designs and in short time made her the official dressmaker to the queen and named her the Minister of Fashions in France. Beloved for her attention to detail in crafting her ornate dresses with massive, ostentatious silhouettes, It’s during this time Rose Bertin earned the nickname Mademoiselle Martin. It was her exceptional gowns worn by Queen Antoinette that established France as a leader in fashion and in turn elevated the position of a designer unlike ever before.

It’s this tradition of haute-couture and Rococo extravagance that inspires us here at Mademoiselle Martin. If fast fashion suggests that everyone looks alike, Miss Martin promises a style that is truly distinguished. Rather than a luxury model where you build your wardrobe one piece at a time, we here at Mademoiselle Martin propose a modular system where creativity and originality flourishes.

Understanding the need for information from a new generation of customers who demand transparency from brands, we here at Mademoiselle Martin chose to build our image and reputation from our product. Handmade garments are made from high quality materials and crafted by seamstresses with decades of experience. We combine ancestral know-how and manufacturing innovations to ensure all garments and accessories are made sustainable and in the highest quality.



  • Je suis ravie de mon nouveau t-shirt Mademoiselle Martin! C’est multi usages. Je peux l’avoir pendant la journée uniquement avec le ruban personnalisé avec la marque (qui fait déjà une pièce spéciale) ou dans un événement avec mon accessoire préféré. J'ai hâte d'en voir plus !! J’adore